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Just to give everyone a little background on GED and the what not...
GED stood for Grinning Evil Death, and our dead smiley logo actually was
stolen from one of Iken's War Hammer minuatures.(it was on a shield of a goblin or something)
If haven't guessed by now we were a bunch of gammers. There were 7-8 of us, and I went out on
almost every "mission" we participated in.(98% at least) Needless to say, in '91-2 we knew the place extremely well.
Our little click consisted of "Bunglar", an engineering student at EMU, Kurtis, a former Indiana football player,
"Iken" the son of an Army Col. and Poli-Sci? major at EMU, Anthony, Poli-Sci? also(now a manager at FoMoCo),
and myself "Wonko DeSane", aka dr frankenstang, an unemployed mechanic/punkrocker. We had numerous outings
with one timers, Iken's sister, my brother, and misc. friends. We always wore camo or black from head to toe.
On occasian, we wore gas masks too. Most of our shopping was done a Army surplus stores.
One of our favorite things to do was spread the good word of Cthulhu. After all, Satan was boring, and well after
going to Catholic schools, I didn't want to go the God route. Iken alway wore a button that said,
"vote Cthulhu when your tired of voting for the lesser of two evils." We actually mispelled it intentionally
on everything but the "spells" painted on the wall. We had to be consistent. The irony of that is, when I
moved to Co. I wanted to get Cthulhu license plates. Someone else had gotten to the proper spelling first
so I had to settle for our spelling, "Cthulu".
Another favorite was the BBQ on the back porch of Cottage 17. We would grill Honey Dijione mustard steaks and chicken,
garlic bread, baked potatoes, and of course beer. What a sight, 4 guys in camo at Meijers buy beer, spraypaint,
batteries, chicken, etc... We had a grill and charcoal hidden in the attic of bld 17. We would do this almost every
Friday night. The looks we got were pretty precious, 4 guys on hospital cots eating steak.
Myself personally went to WCCDC atleast 200+ time between 1986 and 1998. Most of it was during the '91-2.
The first time I went with Anthony and our friend Meathead. We went up the back way to Freddy's workshop.
We were quickly turned around by a security gaurd or cop. Didn't stick around to find out.
The second time was about a year later, Anthony was fresh back from Marine Corp. basic training.
We snuck in skirting around the golf course. Here are the two of us, sitting in the brush 10 yards off a putting
green putting on camo face paint. There was an elderly couple on the green. The woman heard one of us snap a twig or
a stick or something and blurted out to her husband, "Listen Floyd (his name really was Floyd), the bunnies ar frollicing
in the woods." If she only knew.
During the '91-2 time frame, I took a few phototgraphy classes. For the most part, I had a camera with me. Took some really
cool pictures too. It got us outa a couple of jams with the 5-0. One time Bunglar and I were shooting some pix over across
the road, near the dairy barn. Some kids came runnig past us laughing. Naturally, we had to go and investigate. As it turned out,
they set a couch on fire in one of the buildings. I went in and took some pi of the flaming sofa, just as the NFD shows up.
They seen us as we left and sent the cops in our direction. Officer Doughnutbiggins soon caught up with us.
We told him about the kids and that we were up there working on a school project. He beleived us for the most
part but inquire about the 1/2 empty bottle of Jim Beam we had with us.(it was a prop, a mix of coke and water)
All said and done, we were told to leave. That's it for now. Plan on seeing more from me in the future!

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