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It is well documented that Eugenics was practiced throughout the State of Michigan and the Wayne County Training School during the 20th century. I wanted to post some information and links about the subject. The eugenics movement is almost unimaginable. It was a big part of the mental health industry. John D Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie and John Harvey Kellogg, the corn flakes giant, all promoted and supported eugenics. The stories are almost to bizarre to believe.

Eugenics Archive(external link)

Tomorrows Children 1934 Film about Eugenics

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John Harvey Kellogg (The Corn Flakes guy)(external link)

Eugenics Moves to the Twenty-First Century by Danila Taylor(external link)

May 2, 2004
America's Deep, Dark Secret
Bob Simon Reports On Hundreds Of Thousands Of Warehoused Kids
CBS News story on "The State Boys Rebellion"(external link)

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