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  • This website is a group effort. I personally have been researching the school for 30 years. Information on the site is meant for historic documentation. Sources of information include former students, local historical societies, the State of Michigan archives, The Burton Collection of the Detroit Library and many other sources including the personal archives of the late Pasquale P Buoniconto courtesy of Bob Cummings.


  • We strive to preserve the factual history of the school. This includes times that the school was in crisis and times that it was the pride of Wayne County.


  • Out of respect for those that were part of the school we feel it is important to remember that nearly 8000 children passed through its doors. To forget the school would be to forget them.


  • Much of the history of the school was recorded by people that trespassed on the grounds after it closed. If it wasn't for these people, myself included we would have lost a great deal of what we were able to save. It's buildings stood for 72 years. 24 of them it sat empty and neglected.


  • This site is always growing. We encourage anyone that want's to add to the database to do so.


  • We also have a private database of former students that have asked us to help them contact other classmates and friends. This list is kept private. The way it works is if someone contacts us and asks for a person, we relay the information and only after receiving the OK of that person we then release contact information. There is also a list of names of people who have asked to be included on the site. That list of Students names is public at their request. Any email or contact to us is kept confidential. We respect your privacy.

Tim Wilson February 21 2011

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